ViVian van Wilcora


On 24 March 2000 ViVi came to live with us as a 14 month old French Bulldog lady. As a pup she had run into a door and because of her crooked head she didn’t fit into the pack anymore. To us she was the best gift ever. We’re grateful to Roos and Wil Schuurman for the trust they’ve shown us in giving us ViVi.

ViVi was a real lady. Each time our family grew she took the role of leader of the pack in a quiet but decisive way. She “raised” Murphy and Livia. We cannot remember her ever doing something wrong.

ViVi was so special we kept a daily web log for years. It attracted a group of regular guests and ViVi touched their hearts. In Canada someone even wrote a poem about her which was printed on cloth.

With pain in our hearts we had to say goodbye to her on 12 February 2008. Each day we’re reminded of her when we look at Murphy and Livia and see how well behaved they are thanks to ViVi.

In our kennel name she’ll always be remembered. “van ViVistein” is our way of showing her the respect she deserves, our very special Bulldog lady.


ViVi * 01-01-1999 - † 12-02-2008


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