Champion Black Murphy van Wilcora

'Dutch and Belgium Champion'


Murphy is our French Bulldog man, a macho with a gentle heart, he is very obedient en has a enormous will to please. He’s got one big hobby, and that’s to be around people, preferably on someone’s lap. He can stay there for hours. He also likes to play, tugging and ball games can get him very active, he never tires of that.

Apart from being sweet and macho he’s also beautiful and has won prices on many shows. That has earned him the title of champion in The Netherlands and Belgium. He just loves to show, as soon as we pack all our bags to go to a show Murphy is immediately focussed, afraid to miss out on another outing…

He is the proud father of an number of offspring, spread out all over Europe you can find his name on different pedigrees. Muprhy loves playing with puppies and he’s very careful and caring with them. It’s great to see how he can keep busy herding a number of puppies together or see him flat on his back while puppies crawl all over him.

We’re looking forward to have Murphy father our first own litter at the end of 2008.


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