The French Bulldog


With a gentle and generous character, a loyal expression and a boisterous happy behaviour the French Bulldog has something that’s difficult to put into words. It’s a lively and pleasant dog, sweet when dealing with children en adults, sure to win over everyone’s heart.

French Bulldogs are full of character, clownish, outgoing, happy and playful dogs. They’re intelligent and smart, and can be very persistent when they want something. Although they’re brave and physically tough, they are very sensitive. It is said that a French Bulldog can behave as a human; they  sense different moods in the house perfectly, harsh words can hurt them deeply. One harsh word can make him sulk, on the other hand one cheerful word can make him burst into his normal buoyant enthusiastic self. If he thinks he doesn’t get enough attention he can pout like a small child.

They’re very affectionate and hate to be left alone. They love to be a part of the family. French Bulldogs can be jealous if the attention of their owner goes to someone or something else. They’re very alert to what happens around them and will definitely make themselves heard in case of danger. Normally they don’t bark a lot.

Social tendency
Small in stature, but more brave than his bigger dog type brothers. This sometimes shows in a slightly dominant behaviour to other dogs. Most French Bulldogs are great playmates for children, mainly because of their high tolerance en sense of humour. They love to play wild children’s games, but are calm and gentle in the company of elderly people.

They usually get along fine with other pets, and in general the French Bulldog is a real people’s dog, loving to have visitors, never hostile to guests. He just sniffs at strangers and then happily follows them around the house.

Source: Hollande BulldogClub

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