About Breeding

A few years ago we started thinking about breeding the occasional litter of French Bulldogs ourselves. In preparation for this Mieke has read lots of books, followed the official course Knowledge of Canines provided by the Dutch  Kennelclub  ie “Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch gebied”, her instructor was Robert van der Molen. She passed her exams successfully. She also followed the advanced course, but has not yet taken the exams.

To be more involved in the world of canines she has also gotten herself a certificate to be a stewart at dog shows and occasionally assists judges at a show.

When in 2006 we decided to look for our third bully we also took into consideration she would have a pedigree that would match with Murphy’s. We were very pleased to learn that Mr and Mrs Schuurman of “Wilcora” breeded with a combination that we had only dreamed about and from which our Livia was born.

We didn’t have to think long about our kennelname. ViVi her name will live on in “van ViVistein”. On 31 October the name was accepted and validated by the “Raad van Beheer”. Hopefully Murphy and Livia will be the parents of our first litter.

We have applied for at the “Hollandse Bulldogclub” (HBC) for acceptance as honorary code breeder and will breed according to their rules. We hope to have our first litter of French Bulldogs at the end of 2008. We’re very excited about it.  


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